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Home Energy Report Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to participate in the Home Energy Reports Program?
    Dominion Energy South Carolina residential electric customers are automatically enrolled in the program based on predetermined factors. New participants are enrolled each year based on these factors.
  • What is the Home Energy Report?
    Your Home Energy Report is a tool designed to help you understand and conserve energy. The report compares your home energy usage over time and offers tips on ways to reduce your energy usage and save money.
  • Why is Dominion Energy South Carolina trying to help me save energy?
    Reducing our energy usage can help lower the cost to provide energy. It can also reduce the need to build more power plants in the future and ultimately lower bills for everyone.
  • How often will I receive the Home Energy Report?

    Eligible customers will receive either a paper or digital report monthly.

    Customers who have an email address associated with their electric bill will rotate between a paper report and digital report each month. To add an email to your electric bill, go to to update your information.

    Customers who do not have an email address associated with their electric bill will only receive paper reports each month.

  • Why am I receiving emails about My Energy Portal in addition to the Home Energy Reports?
    You are receiving these emails to provide insight regarding the tools and capabilities of the My Energy Portal. If you unsubscribe to these emails you will continue to receive Home Energy Reports.
  • Why do you send paper reports if I am a paperless bill customer?
    Extensive research has shown that customers who receive at least some paper reports are more likely to actively engage in the program and save energy and money than digital only report recipients.
  • Can I receive digital Home Energy Reports?
    Yes, to receive digital Home Energy Reports update your email address at You'll continue to receive a combination of digital and paper reports once your email has been updated.
  • How do you choose the homes used in my comparison?
    To create your comparison, Dominion Energy South Carolina uses energy usage information, public data (such as location, home size, etc.) and customer electric usage. Homes within a 6 mile radius and no more than plus or minus 300 square feet are used for your comparison. To increase the accuracy of the reports, a customer can log in to the My Energy Portal and complete the Home Assessment.
  • What criteria are used to identify the Similar and More Efficient homes I am being compared to in the Neighbor Comparison report?

    Similar homes are the middle 50% of electric energy users.

    Efficient homes are in the lowest 15% of electric energy users, which means that 15% of the homes in your comparison consume this amount of energy or less.

  • How do my most efficient neighbors manage to use less energy than me?
    There are a number of energy-saving actions they may be taking such as:
    • Adjusting or programming their thermostats to manage heating and cooling costs
    • Caulking or weather-stripping around all seams, cracks and openings (windows and doors)
    • Upgrading their attic insulation to a minimum R-38(12-14 inches)
    • Setting their electric water heater to 120 degrees F and periodically inspecting for unit leaks
  • I have gas heating. Does this report compare energy usage for both electricity and gas?
    No, the report only accounts for a home's electricity usage.
  • Is my energy use being shared with other customers?
    No, your home's information and characteristics are not shared with others. All of the comparison information used to create your report is confidential.
  • How can I confirm the usage information on my Home Energy Report?
    Your Home Energy report is based on your electric billing usage for the same month. You can find the Home Energy Report month at the top right corner of your paper report or top left of the digital report. To compare, review your electric bill for the same billing month as the Home Energy Report month.
  • What if I have more than one electric account?
    When you log in to My Energy Portal all electric accounts associated with the same customer number will display in the right side of the page. However, you will only receive a Home Energy Report for those electric accounts that were pre-selected for the program.
  • How can I update my home's profile?
    You can update your home's details by logging in to and selecting the Home Assessment. The Home Assessment can be found under the Savings Plan drop down menu. You will need your Dominion Energy electric account number and last name associated with the account to register on the portal.
  • How do I earn rewards?

    Rewards are earned by taking actions on the My Energy Portal. Participants can earn points for logging in monthly, completing the Home Assessment and completing items on the Action Plan. Once enough points are earned, participants can redeem them for a Rewards card in the portal. Rewards can be found on the Dashboard Portal or listed in the drop down menu under the Login name.

    * Note for customers with multiple accounts: Rewards can only be earned for accounts with a Home Energy Report.

  • How do I update my email address?
    Your email address can be updated at